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Tailored packages for your needs

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After many hard working years finally look forward to a happy retirement with ease. Those age 65 or close to it are always questioning things like:


  • What is Medicare? 

  • Who qualifies for Medicare? 

  • What are the enrollment periods?

  • What is covered by Medicare? 

While that wonderful retirement moment is strongly awaited  and are looking forward to spending great quality time with your loved ones, let’s work on answering these questions together. 

Together we will sit down and choose the plans that will best fit you and your needs. This will ultimately give you a peace of mind that whatever could happen you will be able to benefit from the best healthcare services.



Insurance for Individuals and Families

In order to enjoy all the beautiful things in life you must first  take care of one very important aspect, your Health! Taking care of your health can sometimes be costly, but with a great health insurance that has the right benefits  you can finally be at ease.  


Health insurance is not so overwhelming when you have reliable insurance specialists to help and guide you through all available options.

Aura Health Insurance offers individuals and families coverage option in different forms: 


  • Marketplace Health Plans

  • Short Term Medical Plan

  • Indemnity Plans

We work with several top-rated insurance companies that provide our customers with great protection at the best price. 

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Group insurance for Small Businesses

Who is this for?

Small businesses with 1 to 50 employees.


Shopping for group insurance plans for your small business should not be a difficult task. Aura has a curated selection of affordable group health insurance plans from trusted carriers. With a free consultation, Aura will provide personalized recommendations and walk you through the application and enrollment processes.





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Assistance with applications for Medicare and Social Security Benefits

The past few years have truly changed the way we live and interact daily and most importantly the way we take care of each other. Our main goal is to inform and educate and for those who are ready to apply for Medicare or Social Security Benefits, we are here to help you with your application and representation. Medicare can sometimes seem too complex and  Aura will is here to help you understand what Medicare is and how it works. 

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